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To begin, Vincent Iannaco started working at a young age helping his father in his Seafood/ Italian restaurant located in Howard Beach, Queens, New York. 
The restaurant was located on a road called Cross Bay Blvd and was populated with other similar restaurants. 
This road led to the popular beach area, the Rockaways. 

One of the menu specialties was clams on the half shell. Vincent had the reputation of being one of the fastest clam openers in the area. The only one that gave him competition was his Dad who had a special flip motion with his knife when opening the clam. 

At 21 years of age
Vincent Iannaco decided he wanted more action so he joined the NYPD. 
During his 20 years in the Police Department he had many accomplishments. 
He graduated at the top of his rookie class, was selected to become a member of the elite “Tactical Patrol Force” after graduation, was selected to work in the Youth Gang Task Force in the South Bronx and later became an Instructor in the Police Academy’s Law Department.

Many of his rookie classes achieved the award of “Company of the Month” which means they had the highest academic average for the quarter. 

Around the late seventies the City of New York had some financial difficulties and they were forced to lay off some new officers. Many of the instructors in the Police Academy were temporarily reassigned to patrol to provide increased manpower.

Vincent Iannaco was assigned to the Chelsea area of Manhattan, the 10th precinct. While there part of his assignment was to work in the Prostitute Task Force in civilian clothes. 
He remembers on one occasion while in his car, a prostitute solicited him and got into his car. The procedure was to then drive to a location where backups were waiting so an arrest could be made.
The prostitute, who was rather big, saw that
Vincent was driving his car to a lot where a marked police vehicle was parked, and she yelled, “Not there.” The prostitute then realized it was an undercover operation and that she was going to be arrested.
But, there was also a surprise. 
Vincent Iannaco discovered that the prostitute was a female impersonator who had a large knife in her boot. 
He felt relieved that she or he was out of his car and that his backups were there to help. 
After a while Vincent went back to the Police Academy and he would tell his recruit classes about his experiences. There were many.
But the stories the recruits loved most were about his experiences as a female decoy and orthodox Jew while he was working in the Tactical Force in Brooklyn. They found this humorous and exciting. 

After retiring from the Police Department he worked at Baruch College, a City University College, as an Associate Director of Security for about five years. 
Vincent Iannaco then decided to begin a career in a totally different and unrelated field, Financial Services.

Vincent worked as a Financial Adviser, VP, and Branch Manager at AXA Equitable, UBS, and Independent Broker Dealers such as Investors Capital and NPC.
He won awards as an adviser, directed a branch office for Investors Capital on Liberty Plaza in the Wall Street area, and also conducted seminars for Police Executives.
He did this successfully for 22 years. 
Vincent Iannaco loves the business world and loves being an Entrepreneur. 
In addition to his professional careers he has successfully sold products on Amazon that he imported from China and branded under his own company name, created numerous business websites, (,,,, has Facebook pages,(LawEnforcementVideos, WorldsBestPrankVideos) and Ebay product sites.
Vincent Iannaco constantly looks for new and exciting business opportunities and he knows who the best internet marketers are, the ones who are reliable and who have the best programs, software, and ideas. 
There are many who advertise, who say they have the best programs and who claim to be able to make you rich, but there are only a few that have good programs or who offer useful advice and ideas. 

Vincent is actively pursuing real estate investing. He is interested in investment strategies such as wholesaling, rehabs, tax liens, and rentals.
In his research he has discovered some interesting real estate software programs, real mentors, sources of financing, and where and how to find real estate opportunities. 
Vincent’s extensive experience has enabled him to be a consultant in such areas as Amazon selling, financial and investment planning, conducting seminars, how to set up a business, how to find real estate buyers and sellers, how to find the best and newest business opportunities, and, how to save on taxes. 
Also his hobby interest in Photography has allowed him to find the answers to such questions as, what to photograph, how to photograph pictures that are in demand for sale, ( he has had his photos accepted at a photo stock agency, which many times is difficult to do), and how to best “research” anything that you may be interested in. 


If you would like to find out more information, for free, or have some questions on any of the areas discussed, (even law enforcement), please email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.