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Vincent Iannaco
is a person who loves business. He comes from a business family and fits the definition of a true Entrepreneur. 

Vincent Iannaco has an interesting history. 
After helping his father years ago in a famous Italian/Seafood restaurant called Jimmy’s Clam Bar located in Howard Beach Queens, New York, he joined the NYPD.

Vincent Iannaco spent 20 years in the Police Department working first in an elite unit called the Tactical Patrol Force, (you had to be 6 foot or have a high academic average to be accepted), then in the Youth Division Gang Task Force in the South Bronx, a Prostitute task force in Manhattan, and finally as a Law Instructor in the Police Academy during his last 8 years before retirement. 

After retiring Vincent Iannaco was the Associate Director of Security at Baruch College, part of the City University of NY. He worked there for about 5 years. (He was promoted from Assistant to Associate Director of Security)

Vincent then decided to pursue an entirely different path, he went into Financial Services. He was very interested in Investments. 

Vincent Iannaco worked as a Financial Adviser and manager at Equitable AXA, winning several awards as an adviser. 
Vincent also worked at UBS and was later recruited by two Independent Broker Firms as both a branch manager and adviser. He holds several high level Investment licenses.
Fast forward to today.

In the business world, as an Entrepreneur, Vincent has imported unique products from China, branded them and sold them on Amazon. He has also sold on EBay. His products made the top pages of Amazon and today he is an Amazon Consultant. 


But Vincent has many business interests. He has had his photos accepted at a Stock photo agency for sale (he loves photography and has a Nikon camera), created his own websites, (, memorabilia,,, Facebook pages, (Lawenforcementvideos, worldsbestprankvideos, vegetablejuliennepeelers), and EBay accounts. 

Vincent has successfully sold on Amazon, and knows what tools and strategies are necessary for success. 
Vincent’s most recent business interest is in Real Estate Investing. He feels there are still great opportunities out there if you know how and where to look. 
With interest rates still low and with motivated sellers wanting to sell, there is opportunity. 

Vincent is also currently looking for individuals who would like to buy or sell real estate. 
If you would like to start your own business, learn how to successfully sell a product on Amazon, create your own website, and learn what you must do to retire with enough money, or, learn how to invest in real estate with no money, send him an email and he will tell you how.
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Happy hunting…….

Have some additional pics too coming....